About Us

Patent Law Group works to achieve an important objective: TO INCREASE THE UNDERLYING VALUE OF YOUR BUSINESS. We believe intellectual property (IP) assets should be created to protect against competitors’ use of your technology, generate licensing income, leverage strategic partnering, and ensure that your business can continue to manufacture and sell its product lines, which in turn will improve profitability and increase the equity value of your company. Not all IP assets are created equal. Valuable IP assets are those which truly protect the underlying technology. We take care in writing the patent claims and prosecuting the application to maximize the patent’s ability to cover competitors’ products.
Our attorneys and staff pride themselves on client service and the ability to communicate and understand the client’s needs. We understand the importance and balance between listening and advising, and we are committed to providing the highest quality and cost-effective patent and trademark legal services. We strive to provide outstanding client service, work hard to obtain the best patents in view of the prior art, and do whatever it takes to earn and keep your business. As a patent boutique, we have less overhead than big firms and can offer specialized services at a low cost.